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Founded in 1995, RAYTEC is dedicated to providing expert services across the full range of intellectual property businesses in Japan..
As professionals with expertise in every aspect of intellectual property rights, we tailor our support to the specific needs of our clients. Hence RAYTEC is your-full service intellectual property consultant in Tokyo.
RAYTEC is committed to building on its established reputation by continuing to offer a personal, high quality service at a reasonable cost and to be fully responsive to its clientsf needs. @

Major IP-related services RAYTEC offers

Web services for Chinese patent information
More details

1. Search of domestic & foreign patents and technical documents
 Investigation of legal rights: information offering,
documents of opposition & trial for invalidation of
patent, licensing, technical introduction, sales, etc.
 Prior arts: Development of theme search, prevention
of duplicated study, pre-filing, pre-request for exam., etc.
 Trademark search, design search, etc.
2. Database retrieval
 JP patents, utility model, design, TM (PATOLIS, CD-ROM, etc.)
 Foreign patent (INPADOC, DWPI, CLAIMS, etc.), Chemistry (CAS),
electronics, etc. (INSPEC)
 Science & Technology (JOIS), Medical science (MEDLINE)
 Japanese trademark (BRANDY)
 INTERNET: Search of domestic & foreign patents and general
documents of industry, technology, enterprise and merchandise.
3. Information analysis
 Gaining patent/technical information
 Analysis of developing theme, technical & industrial trend, and
preparation of patent map
4. Acting for foreign patent application
Review/preparation/translation of patent specification for foreign patent
application, review of official letter, discussion with foreign patent agency
or attorney.
5. Consulting overall patent issues
6. Intellectual property transactions
7. Others, if desired.